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Give Thanks

Now where are the yams?

That’s right – give thanks you are not this poor child.

The Americans always take their holidays to the extreme, but this is just ridiculous.

I R More On

Chuckle chuckle…

Who has not sat in front of the TV on a Saturday morning or weekday afternoon and while flipping channels come across the awesomeness that is the Learning Channel – and most specifically William Smith – the mathematician of the incredibly dirty hands.



Well done Casper – a pretty good impression I think.


The Effects of Video Games on the Youth

Pac Man - who knew?


Uh oh – quick hide the Grand Theft Auto.

Lolcats In Real Life

Who knew that’s what really happened?

This could definitely be classed as cruelty to animals.

But then they are so cute.

Not so funny now right?

Now I’ve Heard It All

Internet dating is just something I will never do… (Never say never right?) But my greatest fear is how do you know that the person you are talking to is really who they say they are?

Or remotely look like their supposed profile picture?

But one little man in Taiwan took his deception a step further, as told by the

I did look like my picture - in 1959

Women tricked into sex by ‘medical condition’ man

A middle-aged Taiwanese man tricked up to 20 women into sleeping with him by claiming he had a rare medical condition.

Hsu Shian-ming allegedly posted photos of a handsome young man on dating sites and received a string of romantic inquiries.

He would then tell the women on the phone he had a father who had a medical condition which meant he had to have constant sex to stay alive.

The women would then meet up with the ‘father’ at various hotels in the capital Taipei.

One of his victims became suspicious after constant attempts to see the son were unsuccessful.

Really, that was when they became suspicious?

Crossest Crossword

Below is the world’s toughest crossword…


Lucky they provided the answer at the bottom, otherwise I might have spent all day trying to figure it out.


26 letters - 26 possibilities

It’s Official – Pommies are the Ugliest People

Well I could’ve told you that.  When I lived in London last year I didn’t date. Not once.

I honestly could not find one man that didn’t make me want to throw up my lunch on him and send him off to the dentist.  Perhaps I was being a tad harsh?

But the DailyMail and a website called BeautifulPeople fully agree with me.


Would you like a pint love?

Really they are an unattractive bunch of people (generally).

Below is the article from the DailyMail.

Brits among the ‘ugliest people in the world’

I Quit!!!

Finally a job that I can enjoy, puts all my skills to the test and pays well… In pizza!


Is the half shell provided?

Science Fair Fails

The US schools hold science fairs which allow students to show off their scientific experiments and projects for the year.

Most are incredibly boring, I remember when we had to see what a bean would grow best in – cotton wool, steel wool or dirt.

Wow and the results really were a shocker (hint it was dirt).
But these beauts are far from boring.


Gay sex bad - bestiality ok



Just a guess as to what those plants are in his bedroom


Wasn't aware there was a debate


Even better one - electricity vs girl

Even better one - electricity vs girl



I'm sure the research was exhaustive

The Real Reason Edward is Such a Hit


Quick where's the cones


All the fuss is over ice cream?


No wonder he can’t go into the sun.  Melting boyfriend – not so good.