Now I’ve Heard It All

Internet dating is just something I will never do… (Never say never right?) But my greatest fear is how do you know that the person you are talking to is really who they say they are?

Or remotely look like their supposed profile picture?

But one little man in Taiwan took his deception a step further, as told by the

I did look like my picture - in 1959

Women tricked into sex by ‘medical condition’ man

A middle-aged Taiwanese man tricked up to 20 women into sleeping with him by claiming he had a rare medical condition.

Hsu Shian-ming allegedly posted photos of a handsome young man on dating sites and received a string of romantic inquiries.

He would then tell the women on the phone he had a father who had a medical condition which meant he had to have constant sex to stay alive.

The women would then meet up with the ‘father’ at various hotels in the capital Taipei.

One of his victims became suspicious after constant attempts to see the son were unsuccessful.

Really, that was when they became suspicious?

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  1. Barb Said:

    bwaha – really are people that gullible!? and honestly who is that hard up for a date or eager to help that they will have sex with a potential dates father ‘to keep him alive’ – sicko’s
    He is obviously not a very good lover that he needs new girls all the time and cannot line himself 3 or 4 ongoing willing partners for his physiologically impossible constant need for sex. He must have got that idea from the movie Crank.

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