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I R More On

Chuckle chuckle…

Who has not sat in front of the TV on a Saturday morning or weekday afternoon and while flipping channels come across the awesomeness that is the Learning Channel – and most specifically William Smith – the mathematician of the incredibly dirty hands.



Well done Casper – a pretty good impression I think.



Hiding From Clients

Obviously this business has more clients than they need, or want.

Sometimes I wish I could do this when my boss comes in to give me a new brief.

The photocopier guy is my personal favourite.

Texting Skills

Just check this guy out.

I thought I was skilled being able to apply make-up, text and drive, but this guy puts me to shame!

BBC Interviewers Got Skills

So BBC is known for their excellent, informative programming and hard-hitting interviews.

They pride themselves on being Britain’s number one news source and *yawn*, oops sorry must’ve dozed off there for a moment.

But someone else who must’ve got caught napping was this interviewer who didn’t even check that she was interviewing the right ‘Guy’.

I bet he was very surprised by the news… Just look at his face.

Haha I can now die happy as I’ve seen it all.

Well almost all I think.

Monday Smiles

So it’s Monday once again, and having a serious case of the grumps…

But then I saw this video and there was a crack in the grumpy exterior.

The Empire strikes back, in dance form.

Where’s the Chapstick?

Possibly the funniest/stupidest video ever!

Chubby girl that seriously needs to get a life, and stop eating Burger King, rapping about looking for her Chapstick.

It is recommended you watch this when drunk or on heavy narcotics.