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I R More On

Chuckle chuckle…

Who has not sat in front of the TV on a Saturday morning or weekday afternoon and while flipping channels come across the awesomeness that is the Learning Channel – and most specifically William Smith – the mathematician of the incredibly dirty hands.



Well done Casper – a pretty good impression I think.



Where’s the Chapstick?

Possibly the funniest/stupidest video ever!

Chubby girl that seriously needs to get a life, and stop eating Burger King, rapping about looking for her Chapstick.

It is recommended you watch this when drunk or on heavy narcotics.

My debut on Youtube

Yes I have taken the next step on my path to world domination with my debut on Youtube.

The place: H2O

The occasion:  Shi’s birthday

The stars: Paris Hilton lookalike, Shira, Gregg, Pheobe and Me!

The wardrobe: Beach chic meets poegeyed after long day in pool dancing.  Note my very cool wayfarers. If you are interested in purchasing a pair I  can hook you up.

Does anyone else see the collaboration potential?