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Every Dog Gets His Day

I love those too cute cat pictures that pile up in my inbox every day.  I mean come on who doesn’t?  But our friends at Ulresque have declared a cat free day.

Yip that’s right, those little felines deserve a day off too you know!

Urlesque Announces A Day Without Cats on 9.9.09


Cats rule the internet. Think about all the funny cat photos and videos that infest your IM conversations, Facebook walls and e-mail forwards from mom — our feline overlords have sneakily solidified themselves as a staple of the interweb humor we love so dearly.

Don’t believe us? Salon and Entertainment Weekly have also had the same startling realization. Heck, we even awarded them with a lifetime acheivement honor in the 2008 year-end Urlies. But whether you’re a bona fide cat lady who loves it all, or someone who can’t stand the over-population of cats on the interwebs, we can all agree that cats need a break.

Urlesque hears your cries for help.

After getting inspired by our friends at Asylum, Urlesque is organizing a web-wide ban on cat-related coverage on 9.9.09A Day Without Cats on the Internet.

Why only one day? Well let’s be honest, that’s probably only as long as we’ll last before a hilarious video comes crashing into our inbox. But for one day, we will abstain… for you… for the cats.

So join us tomorrow and say “No more pussy!”  (Sorry couldn’t help myself)