Taxi Jamming

In Joburg say the word ‘Taxi’ and you’ll see people start foaming at the mouth, veins popping in foreheads and other such seizure-like behaviour.

But some clever Capetonians have taken the negative Taxi association and put it to music.

Thanks to Seth at I discovered a website called Taxijam, where some super cool ous are displaying South Africa’s hottest new musical talent, but the catch is they have to perform their song in a 5 minute taxi ride!

Farryl Purkiss jamming it Taxi style

Farryl Purkiss jamming it Taxi style

Yip pretty cool I thought.

Here’s an expert from the site, which you can visit for yourself here.

“Taxijam is the smallest gig around.

We provide a selection of some of South Africa’s finest creative talent performing in an intimate 5 minute taxi ride.

All clips are recorded and shot in exactly the same style, in one take and uploaded in their unedited format to our website.

Each and every performance is entirely democratic, there are no expensive stages or creative lighting, which makes it possible for viewers watch multiple musicians in exactly the same context.

We are not selective about what genre we shoot – We will shoot artists, musicians, poets, performers and basically anyone who blows us away….”

So go spread the positive word this Wednesday morning, and have a listen to some of the rad performances.

Just what I needed for a mid-week pick me up.


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