Top 5 Jobs

So seeing as I already have my dream job. Cough cough…

Are you reading this boss?

Thought I’d share 5 of the most interesting/weird jobs out there.

Zombie (salary: £30,000)
At almost the same time as the Somerset caves were looking for a new witch, the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs (which is in London, we think) was advertising for a new zombie. The spooky attraction said that, due to the economic downturn, they had a record number of applicants for the undead role – which eventually went to Louie McKenna, 23, from Birmingham, and former archaeologist Jeremiah O’Connor, 26, from Cork.

State Jester (salary negotiable)
A job that hasn’t existed for over 350 years was unexpectedly advertised again in 2004, when English Heritage decided that the nation really needed a state jester again. Nobody had held that role since the reign of Charles I in 1649, after which notorious funnyman Oliver Cromwell abolished the post.

Porn presenter (salary: £220 per shift)
If you thought that Jobcentres never had any interesting jobs, think again – earlier this month, they advertised for the host of a TV porn channel. The job requires good communication skills, as duties involve ‘explicit sexual dialogue’, and you must be willing to work semi-naked. If that job interests you, you might also want to know about the strip club holding a lapdance job fair.

Watching paint dry (salary: undisclosed)
If you think your job is dull, spare a thought for Keith Jackson: a worker at paint manufacturer Aquatic Coatings, whose job is to watch (and time) paint drying. ‘It may be boring, but it’s important that the paint dries quickly,’ he notes, sagely.

Reg knew it was a tough job, but someone had to do it

Reg knew it was a tough job, but someone had to do it

The Best Job In The World (salary: £73,400, plus perks)
A PR stunt to promote tourism in Queensland went better than any marketing man could dream, as the offer of a highly paid job which mostly consisted of swimming, exploring and generally chilling right the hell out on an island in the Great Barrier Reef prompted a flood of entries and worldwide media attention. The eventual successful applicant was a Brit, bungee jumping and scuba diving enthusiast Ben Southall, who immediately earned the hatred of pretty much everyone else in the world.


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