Wanted: Zombie, Includes Dental

An unusual job is returning from the dead amid the doom and gloom of recession – but it involves playing a zombie.

While many commuters might feel like the undead on their journey to work, a London tourist attraction is offering the chance to make a career out of it.

Record numbers of people applied for a £30,000-a-year job performing the role of a zombie at the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs in Tooley Street.

Auditions are being held tomorrow to fill the vacancy.

The centre, which opened three years ago, said visitor numbers had shot up after it was voted the UK’s best scare attraction last year and more staff were needed.

General manager James Kislingbury said: “With more than 50 applicants for the position of ‘zombie’, the current high unemployment rate has led to record applicant numbers and requires a selection process.”

The wannabe zombies will be put through their paces by a team of “scare administrators”.

Applicants have to bring their own clothing, and be prepared to handle the make-up process before displaying their acting, role-play and haunting skills.

The London Bridge Experience and Tombs, situated in the catacombs of London Bridge, allows visitors to learn historical facts in a scary environment with special effects.

Scare administrators.  Sounds like a ‘frightful’ job.




Tomato sauce just didn't have the same effect

Tomato sauce just didn't have the same effect

But for 30k a year I think I could muster up a fearsome Zombie grin, or at least a convincing baring of the teeth.


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