Bigamist Cries Divorce!

So it seems Emily Horne, the brazen bigamist I discovered here has been given a suspended sentence after her last attempt at bigamy and has seen the error of her ways.

She actually wants a divorce!  Heavens to betsy but it seems that the leopard does change it spots.

Emily was struggling to come up with a sixth colour scheme

Emily was struggling to come up with a sixth colour scheme

Outside court she vowed to get a divorce at last  –  leaving her free to marry her latest ‘victim’, 30-year-old Wayne Harper.

‘I’m just delighted to be free but I think it is about time I got a divorce,’ Horne said. ‘I need to put all this behind me. I was fully expecting to be sent down but I have been vindicated.’

She has already moved into Mr Harper’s parents’ home and is said to be intent on making him husband number six.

Horne met Mr Harper, a glazier, when he visited a hospital casualty department for treatment to a cycling injury. Horne was in hospital for a minor operation.

The pair struck up a relationship and days later she moved into the three-bedroom ex-council house he shares with his parents in Kingswinford, West Midlands.

One friend said: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if they waited for all the fuss of the court case to die down before announcing they were to get married.

‘Emily seems intent on beating Elizabeth Taylor for the number of husbands though we’re all hoping Wayne might be “the one” she is looking for.

‘They make such a sweet couple  –  but I am sure that has probably been said before.’


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