So apparently the Internet given the latest freak his 15 minutes of fame…

Sliimy, some skinny guy in glasses, does covers of artists’ songs, like Brit’s womanizer.

He has them all in a tiz and twitter is doing some hectic traffic with all the stars asking the same question.

Who the f%&*$k is Sliimy??

Well just to you can say you saw it here first, allow me to introduce Sliimy!

Now run along and spread it.

Go on.


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  1. lol Said:

    basically some untalented pretentious kid who happened to cover a Britney Spears song and having it gone viral and some French label peepz realizing the incredible $$$$ potential sign him, send him to NYC to record an album and release it as song as possibly possible and market him as the next MIKA.

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