Gay Penguin Pepper Not Happy

Pepper just needed one more rock and the rent-boy was his

Pepper just needed one more rock and the rent-boy was his

So even penguins have a tough time in love, and being gay doesn’t help.

Below is an article from the Metro detailing the skandaal going on between Pepper, Harry and the home-wrecker Linda.

Two gay male penguins have split up after becoming involved in a love triangle.

Harry and Pepper shared the same nest for six years and even raised an abandoned chick together. But then Harry fell for his widowed neighbour, Linda.

The Magellanic penguins have now moved in together, leaving Pepper feeling somewhat dejected at San Francisco Zoo.

Harry’s behaviour has sparked outrage on the internet and Linda was branded a ‘home wrecker’.

One blogger, John, writing on The Frigging Loon site, said he hoped Pepper ‘finds another male penguin ten times hotter than Harry!’.

Curator Harrison Edell offers an explanation for the split.

Linda’s recently deceased partner had two nests making her ‘a pretty attractive prospect’, he said.

So listen Pepper it looks to me like Henry is just a gold – or should I say nest digger…

You’re better off without him.

And remember the best way to get over someone is under someone else!


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