Look Ma No Hands

A motorcyclist received a caution from police officers in China – for riding with no arms.

Lu hated three point turns

Lu hated three point turns

Officers in Jimo, Shandong province stopped the motorcycle for being overloaded – but were shocked when they saw the driver, reports the Qilu Evening Post.

Liu, 27, lost both arms at the age of seven after an electric shock. When he was 10, his parents sent him to a local circus to learn skills, and from then on, he trained himself to ride a motorcycle without arms.

Police officer Xhang Jie said: “I spotted from a distance that the motorbike had three adults on but we were all stunned by what we saw when we got closer.”

Liu admitted that he had been riding his adapted motorcycle for 10 years without arms – and he didn’t even have a license.

Police decided against fining him because he didn’t have any money but issued him a serious warning. Liu promised them he would not ride motorbikes again.

So parents if your kids aren’t performing well at school, or they don’t seem to have any outstanding talents, we recommend you send them to the circus.  Just think of the earning potential!


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