Men Have Such Great Timing

Just when ol’ Jessica Simpson had managed to fit into her regular jean-pant her boyfriend goes ahead and breaks up with her!

And right before her birthday.  Damn but men have such perfect timing.  Nothing like a little public break-up to put you in the mood for a party…

I think it's time to break out the fat pants again

I think it's time to break out the fat pants again

The full story from Ryan Seacrest below:

Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson on Thursday, which just so happened to be the night before her 29th birthday.  Men and their perfect timing.

“She is heartbroken,” s source close to Simpson told People Magazine, “She loves Tony. But it’s been difficult lately. He’s busy with his career and she’s getting ready to shoot her show (The Price of Beauty). They decided to part ways.”

Apparently, Romo was spotted alongside fourteen friends at MyHouse in Hollywood on the night of Simpson’s 29th birthday.  An onlooker said, “He had quite a few girls stop by his dance floor table” and “was sipping Grey Goose and having a fun time with the boys.”

Simpson had planned her birthday night a little differently.  She had scheduled to throw a Barbie and Ken-themed party, but cancelled it.  “Barbie party didn’t happen, but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I LOVE GETTING OLDER!” she wrote on her twitter page.

Despite her recent heartbreak, she seems to be upbeat. “Everyone needs to know that hope floats … grab the strings and pull it back to you.” she tweeted Sunday. Three hours later, she wrote, “Falling asleep with my mom and the dogs. Please lord give all of my beautiful fans, friends, enemies, and family rest. Bring all of us peace.”

Hmmmm hope floats? When people feel the need to tell the world how happy they are I smell a rat.

Or some strong medication.


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