Psychic Sees Meeting of Two Kings

Oh goodie I have found possibly the best and funniest conspiracy theory website ever!

Go here if you want to have a good laugh and read all about the U.S. military’s time machine or see the latest photo of Elvis…

The one gem I did quite like was how a ‘renowned’ psychic had a vision seeing MJ meeting with Elvis.  The two kings apparently had a bit of a sing-a-long and a dance together. (Wipes tears of mirth from eyes)

Elvis tactfully avoided mention of the similarity in skin tones

Elvis tactfully avoided mention of the similarity in skin tones

‘Michael Greeted By Elvis — In Heaven,’ . . . Says Psychic

LANTANA, FL — A wide-eyed and incredulous Michael Jackson no sooner climbed the stairway to Heaven when he was met at the “Pearly Gates” by a smiling Elvis Presley, says a top Internet psychic known to millions of webheads as “Chele.”

“It was Thursday, around 5:30 PM, when I started seeing these images in my head,” the young psychic tells IUDEXonline.

“I saw Michael Jackson . . . his face close up. He looked pale, nervous. Lots of clouds around. He was wearing one of his band-type costumes, walking up a stairway. Ghostly…plain WEIRD, she said. At first I thought it was some MTV video flashing before me.

“Next, Michael’s at a shiny, golden gate, which opens as fast as I see it. Then there’s this smiling, really handsome-looking guy in a pure white, star-studded jumpsuit standing just inside, with his arms outstretched. At first I thought, ‘is this God? I don’t see any white beard’ and then it dawned on me — that’s Elvis Presley!

“So then these two “Kings” go eye-to-eye with each other, shaking hands and embracing, like long lost friends who’ve suddenly come back together. It seemed like a really happy occasion,” she said. “That’s when the music began.

“Michael Jackson started dancing when Elvis sang “Blue Suede Shoes.” Then Michael cuts loose with his “Beat it” song. It was really neat seeing these two carrying on, ‘moonwalking,’ moving their hips and all,” she said.

“Michael started singing ‘Thriller,” and all Hell broke loose,” she added, correcting herself to say ‘Heaven.’
“People started emerging from the clouds, dancing, just like in the “Thriller” video! I thought I recognized Tiny Tim in the crowd — and Frank Sinatra,” she added. “I could even hear Vincent Price doing his disembodied narration.

“Michael was, like, really excited, screaming “Hi Kurt, Hi John, Hi James, Hi Buddy, Hi Jim,” Chele said. “One long-haired guy came up to Michael, and I couldn’t tell if it was John Lennon or Jesus Himself!

“But when Michael said “Hi Farrah,’ I got this really weird feeling, and the ‘video’ stopped. I turned on the TV and saw that Michael Jackson had just passed away — for real.

Now that sounds plausible to me… I mean come on she said ‘for real’.

But hang on, if Elvis isn’t dead then who was that meeting MJ in heaven?  Hmmm the plot thickens.



  1. Jila Said:

    ELVIS is the nly king in the world fore ever.he is unique.we cant compare him with others!

  2. ??????? Said:

    shut the fuck up this is not funny damn it!!!!

  3. Thriller Videos are always great, i love those dancing zombies :

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