I am in tears – RIP Michael

As I am sure everyone in the world knows by now Michael Jackson, an iconic figure in music and entertainment, has passed away.  I could have some sarcie comments ready about the troubled star but I was actually a huge fan of his and am too much in shock to make any jokes.  Although that could change in a few days…

Michael before the fame

Michael before the fame

But my heart goes out to his family and friends and fans.  I know the havoc that a sudden death can cause and my prayers are with them in this difficult time.  Despite all his issues and problems no one can deny that Micahel Jackson was a legend and the world mourns the loss of a brilliant musician.

The music video to end all music videos

The music video to end all music videos

Michael at the announcement of his concerts in the UK

Michael at the announcement of his concerts in the UK

Below is an expert from an article in the Daily Mail. The full article can be read here.

A life in the limelight aged five to 50: Why we were fascinated by Wacko Jacko

By Daily Mail Reporter

From a successful child star to the biggest performer on the planet, Michael Jackson’s entire life has been played out under the spotlight of both the global media and an adoring public.

The boy who began his career as a cute youngster in The Jackson 5 grew up to be one of the most iconic and enigmatic figures in music history.

But despite his fame and success, Jackson – who died last night – courted controversy and acclaim in equal measure.

Despite his child stardom, it was as a solo artist that he achieved global fame with smash hits such as Billie Jean and Bad.

Thriller, released in 1982, is the biggest-selling album of all time, shifting 65m copies, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

But it was the tales of oxygen chambers, chimp chums, shopping sprees and physical transformation that have brought intrigue and amusement and earned the singer the nickname Wacko Jacko.

Disquiet over the 50-year-old star’s behaviour turned to alarm after a documentary in which the singer pronounced sharing a bedroom with a child to be “charming” and an incident in Germany in which he dangled his baby son Prince Michael II over a balcony.

In a 2003 interview with Martin Bashir, which was supposed to bolster Jackson’s image, the singer said of sharing a bed with a young boy: “It’s a beautiful thing.

“It’s very right, it’s very loving. Because what’s wrong with sharing a love?”

A warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of sexually molesting 12-year-old Gavin Arvizo. Jackson surrendered himself to police amid a media furore.

He pleaded not guilty to the allegations and after a trial conducted in the full glare of the world’s media, Jackson was cleared of all the charges.

After his acquittal in 2005, Jackson kept a low profile.

The talented Jackson children had a tough upbringing and as he grew up, his appearance altered drastically.

Jackson denied undergoing extensive plastic surgery, claiming instead he suffered from a skin condition called vitiligo and he had treatment to improve his breathing and singing.

The Peter Pan of pop’s Neverland ranch was a child-like fantasy complete with a zoo, Ferris wheel, roller-coaster and video arcade.

Eyebrows were further raised when Jackson took to sleeping in an oxygen chamber and adopted a chimp named Bubbles as a companion.

He often conveyed an androgynous image and his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, was greeted with some surprise.

The 1994 union, which collapsed after 19 months, came just months after the singer’s reputation was rocked by allegations of child abuse by 13-year-old Jordy Chandler.

He reportedly settled the case out of court for £11 million (20 million dollars) although he always denied wrong-doing.

Jackson’s second short-lived marriage, in contrast to the high profile of his first, was to nurse Debbie Rowe in 1996.

He named their two children after himself – Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Michael Katherine, and took an unusual approach to protecting them from the media glare by covering their faces.

After the couple divorced in 1999, Jackson took on sole responsibility for their children’s upbringing.

His third child, Prince Michael II, was born to a mystery surrogate mother he never even met.

In 2002, Jackson caused a public outcry by dangling the baby – referred to as “Blanket” – out of a third-floor hotel balcony in front of the world’s press. He later said he regretted the incident.

In November last year, Jackson and an Arab sheikh suing him at the High Court in London for £4.7 million parted ‘amicably’ after agreeing a settlement to their dispute.


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  1. kenyantykoon Said:

    am not sorry for him……Why is it that he was elevated to god status even after molesting little boys and changing himself into an old white woman?


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