Motata says “Cheers!”

Judge Nkola Motata has been acquitted on a charge of “driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in his blood”, but still faces a drunken-driving charge. Huh??!
What did they think he had an excessive amount of Five Roses in his system?

Milk or Lemon?

Milk or Lemon?

Motata (62) was charged with drunken driving in January 2007 after he crashed his Jaguar into the perimeter wall of Richard Baird’s property in Hurlingham, north of Johannesburg.

The Pretoria High Court judge was facing two charges — one of drunken driving, and the other of obstructing the ends of justice.

The charge of drunken driving included two alternative charges — one of having an excessive amount of alcohol in his blood, and the other of reckless or negligent driving. Wowee and they wonder why we have such a backlog of cases in our courts.  Did they just add on another charge because the clerks were looking bored?

The second charge also included an alternative charge of resisting arrest.

“The accused has been discharged of the alternative charge of driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in his blood.

“All other counts stand,” said magistrate Desmond Nair in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court when he delivered his judgment on the discharge application made by the defence.

The case is postponed to July 16 for arguments and for the state to close its case.

Motata’s own effing words:

  • “I don’t want to talk to them. They can do whatever …. They think they’ve apprehended me for something they think they know.”
  • “ This department … it used to be a white man’s land … now South Africa is ours. We are ruling .”
  • “Even if I’ve damaged the wall, I’ll reimburse the owner … He should not degrade me. There’s no boer who will undermine and degrade me.”
  • “He must stop pestering me with this wall of his.”
  • “Fight him. Fight him. You must not even help him [Richard Baird],” he told two policewomen .
  • “What did you say when I got out of the car? I’m not a fool. You said I’m a drunken person.”
  • “You’re drunk, unfortunately; the guys are laughing at you,” said Baird to Motata.

  • “Get to hell,” Motata replied. .
  • “I’m not going to co-operate with you … I don’t have to co-operate with you. F**k you. If anybody doesn’t give me my keys … if anybody does not want to co-operate with my keys.”
  • “Stop using racial statements with me,” said Baird. “I have black tenants living with me and I’ve got a black neighbour.”
  • Motata to female police officer: “Woman, wena, don’t worry about whites. It’s the truth that must prevail. Ja, I don’t care about her.” “I’m not begging a person here. You all know I will not run away from the scene”.

  • “I’ve knocked your wall. No, no, no, I accept that. I’ve got to pay for whatever I’ve done”. “If I damage your wall, whether I’m drunk or sober, I’ve got to pay for that, honestly, I’ve got to give you my particulars and pay for the damage I’ve caused. It’s not a question of drunk or sober. I’ve done damage to you. Take my particulars and tell me how much damage I’ve done, I’m prepared to pay.”To police officers:
  • “Yes you will regret it, you will regret it. I don’t care, do it, do it,”
  • “How am i supposed to stand up? I’m refusing, I’m refusing”.
  • Shame judge, I also often forget how to stand up after a few cups of tea…

    And don’t get me started on the biscuits.


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