Bombs (and dignity) Away

As a writer and proclaimed seeker of ‘Le’ Good Life’ I am always on the look-out for the latest Phuza related fun…

So here it is.  Just when you thought that you were a cool cat going up to the bar and ordering ‘Jagey bomb’ or even the ‘Handgrenade’ (who remembers that night?!) they come up with a shooter that is destined to gain the respect of all the other alcoholics at the bar when you are poegeyed enough to order one.

It’s called the ‘Atom Bomb”.

Poegeyed in one go

Poegeyed in one go

The ingredients are as follows:

  • One shot of Jagermeister
  • One shot of Tequila
  • One shot of Absinthe
  • One shot of Stroh Rum
  • Tumbler of Red Bull

And here’s how you do it: Down the Stroh Rum on top. Then the Tequila. When you Pull the Absinthe and down that, it creates a Jager Bomb, finally klap the Jager Bomb.

Now when I can actually pshych my liver up to try this I shall post pictures!!!



  1. Greg W Said:

    This is nuts! That’s an instant trip to the emergency ward for a rather intense stomach pump.

  2. huhuhu,… will never be drunk enough to try that!

  3. Morne Said:

    I’m gonna try that one on my new years party!!

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