Brazen Bigamist Braves Jail

Okay so my mom was quite a seductress in her time.  She managed to lure 4 men down the aisle, however she at least had the decency to divorce the previous one first!

30 year old Emily Horne confessed to her latest hubby (no 5!) on their honeymoon train to Scotland following their register office wedding and celebratory Chinese buffet lunch (how delish does that sound?) that their hasty marriage was in fact a sham.

Hmmm I wonder what those poor sods saw in her?

Hmmm I wonder what those poor sods saw in her?

Tsk tsk, the Brazen Bigamist as she is being called in the UK, managed to lure a total of 5 unsuspecting suckers down the aisle.  And Emily is fully aware of the consequences of her illegal act, as she has already been jailed for 6 months in 2004 for bigamy.

Now I can’t even get a man to marry me once!  I wonder what Emily’s trick is?  Although if you have a look at the specimens below she roped into marrying her I might just think it’s better to be single.

Hubby #2

Hubby #2

Hubby #3

Hubby #3

Hubby #4

Hubby #4

‘She wore a lacy thing over her head on her wedding day. It’s a pity it didn’t go round her neck’
Emily’s first husband Paul Rigby

A little bit of hostility here I think?

The Brazen Bigamist even managed to get two of her husbands to live with her in one house! She’s got game.

A psychiatric report claims Horne suffers from a personality disorder which makes her alternate between ‘periods of excitement and depression’.
The report says her parents divorced when she was a child and suggests she is seeking to ‘compensate for the failings of her unloving parents by seeking love and security in marriage’.

Geez girl can’t you just scoff down a piece of chocolate or a bottle of tequila like the rest of us? Trust me works wonders for numbing childhood pain.


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